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13-U Berkshire Red Sox

The Berkshire Baseball Club has been organizing quality youth and adult amateur baseball teams since 1989.

Committed to excellence, we strive to bring the highest quality of baseball to our area in its purest and most original form, with wooden bats. Regardless of the age level, we strongly believe that wooden bat baseball puts a true emphasis on a hitter's natural ability. Good hitters excel, average hitters struggle. Defense and pitching win games.

Berkshire Baseball fielded their first 13/14-U Summer team in 2011.
2011 10-36-1 Mike Billera-Smith            View 2011 Team Archive
MVP - Frankie Talarico Outstanding Pitcher - Nathaniel Griesbaum
Sportsmanship/Hustle - Nick Gouck Defensive Player of the Year - Matthew Byrd
The 2011 13/14-U Red Sox was the first youth team to compete in a league and tournaments for the Berkshire Baseball Club. It proved to be a battling season as we played older competition, but nonetheless exposed the boys to greater talent. It was a great learning experience for these young men.

Most of the guys continued to play in the 2011 fall season and without any question, you could notice that playing up this past summer, enhanced their abilities on the field in the fall as every kid greatly contributed to their own teams this fall.
2012 6-15-1 Ed Chroscinski            View 2012 Team Archive
MVP - Nick Chroscinski Outstanding Pitcher - Jon Davis
Sportsmanship/Hustle - Dilan Smith Defensive Player of the Year - Andy Urban
The second summer season started out promising with 13 eager young men looking forward to the challenges of the summer tournament season. However, injuries and other losses left the team with only 10 players for the large majority of the season. Many weekend were played with only 9 players and the team even lost both of its catchers due to injuries during parts of the season, although thankfully, not at the same time. Despite the odds against them, the boys played hard in every game and with just a few breaks could have just as easily had a winning record. Most of the boys went on to play a successful fall ball schedule building upon the lessons learned throughout the summer.